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VIP Concierge Services

Our dedicated team offers you limitless possibilities to enjoy the maximum of Ibiza, unlimited access to an unrivalled package of exclusive privileges, preferential rates and bespoke services, making us an indispensable asset in your life.

Starting from our permanent availability of the top VIP tables in the ultimate clubs, first line VIP table’s in the famous beach clubs, last minute reservations in the most demanded restaurants, local body guards and national CPS, drivers, nannies, personal shoppers, private chefs, to our bespoke international VIP host or personal assistant service.

Our carefully selected qualified nannies with years of practice in childcare can take care of your children and give them the perfect attention while you can enjoy the island.

Relax and enjoy your vacation with the convenience and comfort of a personal driver at your service. Let our licensed driver wait on you and chauffeur you around our beautiful island.

Our discrete VIP bodyguards will make sure your stay is untouched by any unexpected audience and provide you full security during your stay.

We are able to satisfy any kind of beauty request, and fulfil your wishes, thanks to our professional and educated wellness department starting from Swedish, Thai and Tibetan hot stone massages to facials, vitamin drips, manicures, pedicures or if you would like to have your hair and make up done for the evening we have you covered.

Take advantage of our personal shopper service whether you need a last minute outfit or would like to see what Ibiza has to offer. Our personal shopper will select the best shops in Ibiza and organise a private shopping experience in your villa, yacht or hotel.


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