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Private Pool Party

Ibiza Luxury Concierge has a very professional internal team supported by a consolidate supplier network can set every type of event in Ibiza. Creativity and ideas plus innovation and technology allows us to create a unique atmosphere in amazing locations.

Our extensive portfolio of hand picked luxury villas include modern minimal, classic contemporary and exclusive mansions. Set in a comfortable and strategic distance to all of the most prominent areas in Ibiza. Our 19 years of experience, established connections and local knowledge about the island enables us to find the perfect villa for your private pool party. Whether you are looking for a cascading hillside villa with breathtaking sea views, your own private island or a luxurious beachfront villa, Ibiza Luxury Concierge has a villa to suite every requirement.

Thanks to our association with a leading luxury drinks supplier, we can provide free delivery of any sized chilled prime liquors or limited edition of Jeroboam & Matusalem Champagne at unmatched quotes. We can also organise for you your own private chef with attentive staff, who will spoil and delight your palate, creating personalized hors d´ oeuvres, a Classic BBQ or a traditional Mediterranean Paella. Ibiza Luxury Concierge makes every occasion unforgettable with the ultimate setting.


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