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Ibiza luxury lifestyle group presents 'VIP Agency'

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About us

International Group associated with local specialists to ensure that your expectations are exceeded with every request.

Our general manager Kabal Possomato has organised VIP services since 1999, he is currently involved with Ibiza Luxury Tourist Board´s government project “Ibiza Luxury Destination” he believes in excellence and dislikes mistakes.

Ibiza Luxury Concierge is the ultimate way in personal and corporate concierge services, reliable and cost effective, providing  convenience, peace of mind and unmatched  Services.

Our experienced team based in Ibiza, will be pleasured to provide the most comprehensive service directory for luxury concierge services.

Whether you are looking for a luxury villa rental with home staff 24/7 or a private event planned with logistics for air, sea and ground transportation.

Ibiza Luxury Concierge has the knowledge and resources to make it happen.


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